Naming Authorities

SPASE maintains a list of naming authorities who use the "spase" scheme in resource IDs. A SPASE Resource ID is a URI and has the general form of


To ensure global uniqueness of SPASE Resource IDs a naming authority must register a unique name with the SPASE group.

To become a naming authority and register your naming authority name with SPASE contact Shing Fung (

Current list of naming authorities

Metadata Repositories

Each naming authority has a repository (currently on GitHub) where SPASE descriptions are collected. The repositories are maintained under the Heliophysics Data Environment (HPDE) organization which is located at:

All naming authority repositories in the HPDE GitHub undergo quality assurance checks which includes nformation model conformance (validation) and referential checks (links and SPASE ResourceI ID references) using the SPASE resource toolkit

Landing Pages

SPASE generates formatted web pages for every SPASE description in the naming authority repositories. These can serve as landing pages for a DOI assigned to the data or document. The landing pages are at:

The landing page web site allow you to navigate to a particular landing page by clicking on a set of menus. You can also get directly to a landing page for a SPASE description by replacing the "spase://" in the resource ID with "".