SPASE Mailing Lists

The primary form of communication for SPASE is through e-mail. To join a SPASE discussion simply subscribe to the appropriate mailing list. SPASE also has regular telecons which are announced through the SPASE general discussion mailing list.

SPASE General Discussions

The main SPASE mailing is at:
To subscribe send an e-mail to Anyone is welcome to join. This is also where data model changes are first posted. There is a telecon held about twice a month. The times are announced on the "spase" Mailing list. Everyone can join the telecon and participate.

SPASE Metadata Working Team (SMWT)

Under the auspices of the NASA HDMC, the SPASE Metadata Working Team (SMWT) has been formed with the primary objective of applying the SPASE metadata model to document and describe all electronically-accessible heliophysics data.

HDMC Mailing Lists

The Heliophysics Data and Model Consortium (HDMC) is a NASA group designed to coordinate the activities of NASA funded projects that are part of establishing an integrated Heliphysics Data Environment (HPDE).

HDMC General Discussions

Group to provide content of general interest and a common location for information about the NASA Heliophysics Data and Model Consortium

HDMC Analytics

This forum is for the discussion of analytics issues among members of the HDMC (Heliophysics Data Model Consortium).

HDMC Eventlists

Scientists currently manually generate, manage and share lists of observations. The goal of this group is to improve list querying and enable annotating and intersecting lists of events across a full range of Heliophysics data sources, and leverage the services of the VxOs and SPDF.

HDMC Data Access

A forum for discussing techniques and tools to deal with diverse science data formats in the Heliophysics community. The ultimate aim is to jointly create easy-to-use mechanisms for obtaining diverse, distributed data in a format that is immediately useful for scientific analysis.

HDMC Registries

This forum is for the discussion of registry issues among members of the HDMC (Heliophysics Data Model Consortium).

HDMC Visualization

This is the email list for the HDMC working group on visualization.