The documentation you'll find here are for understanding, using and creating SPASE resource descriptions and services. They are mostly conventions that the SPASE community have endorsed which have proven to be useful in adopting the SPASE data model.

Additional information on using SPASE metadata and tools can be found at the SPASE School.


Parameter Key Formation for Plain Text Data
Describes Parameter Key formation rules for describing simple tabular plain text files.
Data Model Version Numbers
Describes how versions numbers are assigned to each instance of the SPASE Data Model.
Resource ID Formation Rule
A common convention for the formation of resource identifiers used in a SPASE resource description.
Text Normalization and Mark-up
Describe how to normalize and mark-up text in a SPASE resource description to define a desired layout or format.
Heliophysics Event List (Catalogue) Format
Describes the Heliophysics Event List format which is a plain text data format with metadata embedded in comments.
Text Example - VOTable Example
URI Template Standard
A specification for special fields which can be included in a URI to capture the file and directory naming conventions used to access data and images.


When citing SPASE or the SPASE Information Models please use the following reference:

Roberts, D. A., Thieman, J., Génot, V., King, T., Gangloff, M., Perry, C., et al. (2018). The SPASE data model: A metadata standard for registering, finding, accessing, and using Heliophysics data obtained from observations and modeling. Space Weather, 16, 1899– 1911.

Select and Most Relevant

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Early Presentations

2003, Joe King, Jim Thieman, Todd King
SPASE and the Space Physics Data Dictionary
SPASE presentation before the SECDC Working Group committee. March 26, 2003
2003, Walker and the SPASE Consortium
Toward Interoperability for Space Physics Data: The Problem and an Approach to the Solution
SPASE presentation at the EGS, AGU and EUG meeting in Nice, France. April 10, 2003
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The Space Physics Archive Search and Extract (SPASE) and the Virtual Space Physics Observatory (VSPO)
Pre-1.0.0 release presentation regarding the SPASE group and the SPASE information model. Nov 22, 2005
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2008, Todd King, Jim Thieman, D. Aaron Roberts
The SPASE Metadata Model: Standard Metadata for Space Science Data Description
An introduction to the SPASE information model. First presented approx. 2008

Deprecated IDs

The original naming authorities were organized by discipline. For example, VMO represented the Virtual Magnetospheric Observatory. Over time, naming authorities were migrated to agency names. For example, VSPO became NASA.

For a complete complete list of naming authorities see here.

List of deprecated IDs