• Announcements

    2021-08-12: A drag-and-drop viewer for SPASE descriptions is released.
    2021-06-10: Version 2.4.0 of the SPASE Base model is released.

  • Data Model

    Get details of the SPASE Data Model, which provides terms and syntax for uniform descriptions of Heliophysics resources, including Observatories, Instruments, People, Repositories, and (most centrally) Numerical Data products, An extended set of terms deals with simulations and models. A Dictionary of the terms is provided, along with the XML schema documents used to validate SPASE descriptions.

  • Documents

    Specifications for event lists (and catalogues) and endorsed conventions for text markup, resource ID formation, and guidelines with dealing with plain text data within SPASE descriptions.

  • Tools

    Reference implementations and tools for working with SPASE metadata and the SPASE framework. You can validate SPASE product descriptions, make and edit new SPASE resource description, and explore the SPASE registries.

  • School

    The SPASE School has tutorials that are designed to provide both introductory and in-depth information for the generation and use of resource descriptions based on the SPASE Metadata Model. The tutorials also provide information on a set of services and protocols which can be used to share information and data, as well as construct Virtual Observatories which can integrate with similar systems at a local and international level.

  • Services

    SPASE provides a few community wide services which includes maintaining the list of naming authorities and administers the metadata repository containing descriptions of common entities (Observatory, Instrument, Person, Service, Repository). SPASE also administers the metadata repositories available on Github which can be viewed at the HPDE landing pages.