Welcome to the SPASE Group

The Space Physics Archive Search and Extract (SPASE) effort is a Heliophysics community-based project with the goals of:

The Space Physics Archive Search and Extract (SPASE) effort is performed by the SPASE Consortium which is composed of representatives of the international Heliophysics data community.

The SPASE Metadata Working Team(SMWT) is focused on applying the SPASE metadata model to document, describe and provide services for all electronically-accessible heliophysics data.

The SPASE Metadata Working Group (SMWG) is operates and manages the metadata registries that supports open data management for Solar and Space Physics.

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The SPASE Group generates three "products". First is the SPASE Metadata Model which is an information model for describing the elements of the heliophysics data environment. Second is a set of services and protocols to enable the exchange of information. Third are tools for developing and validating resource descriptions.

SPASE now has extensions for describing simulations and related generated data.

A complete set of documentation is also available.
Tutorials and instructions are available at the SPASE School.