SPASE Resource Tools

The SPASE (Space Physics Archive Search and Extract) Resource Tools contains a set of command-line applications which can be used to generate, validate, referentially check, use and organize resource descriptions written in SPASE XML.

The SPASE Resource Tools is written entirely in Java and should run on any system with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Any required extensions are included in the SPASE Resource Tools installation package.


collatorWrite individual resource descriptions into a separate file stored in a folder tree according to the Resource ID.
downloaderObtains a list of URLs associated with a resource by quering a registry server, then downloads and packages all the source files.
profilerCreate resource profiles for SPASE resource descriptions.
validatorChecks a resource description for compliance to a specified version of the SPASE data model.
renderRender an XML document using style sheets.
refcheckCan check both resource identifiers and URLs for referenential integrity.
xmlgrepExtract values from an XML file using an XPath pattern.

System Requirements


The SPASE tools distribution: download


Each tool has a script in the "bin" folder which can be used to conviently run the application.

In addition, the SPASE Resource Tools is packaged as a executable jar file. Each tool can be run with a command in the form:

java -jar spase-resource-tools-2.0.4.jar {name} [{options}]
For example, to run the validation tool use the command:
java -jar spase-resource-tools-2.0.4.jar validator {file.xml}
bin/validator {file.xml}
Note: Enter just the tool name will display help for that tool.


Documentation on the tools can be found here
API documentation: Click to view