Mapping SPASE metadata to OAI metadata.

The Open Archive Initiative (OAI) has defined a set of schema for exchanging information about archives. The OAI metadata provides high level information and the ability to deliver additional metadata using specialized or domain-specific schema. The OAI document states:

A study was undertaken to determine how well version 1.1.0 of the SPASE data dictionary could be mapped to the OAI schema. The one OAI element which did not have a SPASE counter part is the publication "date" of the resource. Its unclear whether this is element is required so the impact of not having a SPASE equivalent could not be determined.

It is possible to convert SPASE metadata to OAI metadata using an XML stylesheet. Passing the file WindWavesTNR.xml through the style sheet oai.xsl results in an OAI description of a simulated response to a GetRecord request.

The mapping of SPASE elements to OAI elements is:

header (Dublin core):
OAI ElementSPASE Element
setSpecResource class name

metadata (Dublin core):
OAI ElementSPASE Element
dc:typeResource class name
dc:dateNo equivalent

OAI ElementSPASE Element