SPASE Dictionary Lookup Example

You can query the SPASE data dictionary and request that information be returned as XML using the SPASE data dictionary XML schema. Using a style sheet you can then present the results through your own application.

Possible uses include context sensitve help in a SPASE metadata editor or search engine. To demonstrate the capabilities let's implement a simple service which will display a single entry from data dictionary and allow links between terms.

Try it! --> SPASE

When you click on the "SPASE" link a new window will be created which only has scroll bars. The link is defined as:

The link calls an JSP service called "dictionary.jsp" which calls the SPASE data dictionary lookup tool and requests that the results be returned as XML. It then transforms the results using a style sheet

The file dictionary.jsp contains:

The XML stylesheet dictionary.xsl used to convert the SPASE data dictionary XML to HTML is: