SPASE Collection

The SPASE Collection is a grouping of SPASE related specifications, documents, tools and web services designed to make it easy to use resources described using SPASE techniques.

Download! (14MB)

After downloading and unbundling the collection you can...

Get started fast! Run the web services.

Registry Services

As part of this collection is a stand alone web server configured with SPASE services which can be run on most platforms. To get started follow these simple steps:
  1. In a command shell change to the "web" directory of this collection.
  2. Run the command: java -jar start.jar
  3. Direct your browser to "http://localhost:8080/"
From the displayed web pages you can try out each service.

More information is available here Full documentation is in "index.htm" of the collection.

In addition to the web services the collection contains:


Creating well formed and accurate metadata is key to a robust system.

Some tools have been created to help in the validation and integrity checking of metadata.

Documentation on the tools can be found here

The jar file for the tools can be found here


There have been a number of papers and presentations that describe different aspects of the SPASE data model. A few of those documents are included in this collection and are found in "doc"

Resource ID Formation Rule (2009)
A description of the formation rules best suited for the SPASE web services.
Text Normalization and Mark-up
Description of the text mark-up conventions used for text in SPASE resource descriptions.
Includes the specifications on how to normalize and process the test.
White Paper on Registries and Metadata
A description of the registry framework employed by the SPASE web services.
SPASE Regions 2.0
A graphical presentation of the defined regions in the SPASE data model.

Data Model

Version 2.2.0 of the SPASE data model is here