Reference implementations and tools for working with SPASE metadata and the SPASE framework.

Resource Tools
Collections of tools and applications for working with resource descriptions

SPASE Resource Tools
A set of command-line applications to generate, validate, referentially check, use and organize resource descriptions written in SPASE XML.
Resource ID Maker
Create a SPASE Resource ID with a few form entries.

Resource ID Maker
A simple web page to create a SPASE Resource ID with a few form entries.
Determines compliance with SPASE data model.

XML Validate
Test a web accessable SPASE description against a selected version of the data dictionary.

The SPASE XML parser is a collection of Java classes which can parse XML descriptions and load the information into a directly accessible form.
Source code and class files: parser.jar
Services to delivery SPASE metadata.

SPASE Registry Server (Try it!)
The SPASE Registry Server is a java application which can harvest resource descriptions expressed in SPASE XML and provide a search service for this descriptions. It can also chain to other registry servers and aggregate all results, returning all matches in a self-organized network of registry servers. It can be run as either a servlet or bean. It uses the SPASE XML Parser packge to harvest resource descriptions.
Web-based Editors

Web Editor
The web SPASE XML editor can be used to create or alter SPASE XML descriptions.

Standalone Editors

SPASE Assistant (Try it!)
SPASE Assistant is a program intended to ease the creation and editing of SPASE compliant XML files. It offers a simple tab interface to switch between the various sections of a SPASE XML. Under each tab, the user can collapse or expand the tree to get a view of the various parameters that each section entails. With each parameter, you can either edit the value in the text box or if its an enumerated list, you can use the drop box to select a valid value. Finally, if there are multiple parameters of the given type, you can use a handy "Duplicate" button to clone an existing entry or entries.

Editors with Database storage

Web+DB Editor (Try it!)
The web SPASE XML editor with a database for storage. You can create SPASE XML resource descriptions which are stored in a database. You can then extract this definitions in XML.
Create SPASE descriptions using external sources of information.

Ruleset Description Generator
Using a simple scripting language and templates you can quickly generate descriptions and documentation for resources. This is a command line tool which can be used to process one file or an entire directory tree of files.
Convert SPASE XML documents to other forms (i.e., OAI) using stylesheets.
A list of available stylesheets can be found here.

Some example applications:
Data Dictionary Lookup
You can request information from the on-line SPASE data dictionary in XML and use it in other applications. An example application to provide context senstive help on SPASE terms is described.
SPASE-to-OAI mapping
A study of how to map SPASE metadata to the Open Archive Initiative (OAI) metadata using stylesheets.
Extracts information from SPASE resource descriptions (or registries)

SPASE Database Query (Try it!)
Query a relational database of SPASE metadata.